Traffic-Menace in Nagpur City

Nagpur is fast catching up with the ‘Role Model’ cities in Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune. The reasons being; recent business activities like MIHAN, a lot of infrastructure projects through Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT), development of services etc. Also, changing lifestyle quotient of people, mall culture, pub culture, changing consumer preferences, the ‘in things’ etc are changing the structure of an ‘as it is cosmopolitan’ nature of the city.

The traffic in the city is more than gibberish if you do have a first-hand experience of driving in the city. Lot of power-bikes are being launched in spite of the present economic slowdown in the country. The ‘idiot-box’ is also contributing this cause by showing the ‘macho’ advertisements of lot of these bikes being launched. A statutory warning like we have for cigarettes is required to keep a control over any kind of promotion of speeding-up of vehicles.

If you go to Dharampeth; there is a good chance that you will at least get to see an accident or if you driving a two-wheeler your heart-rate will bounce the moment somebody zooms past you. These bikers really know somewhere what sort of trouble they are creating. Last month, there had been couple of accidents in which little children riding with their parents fell down on such a busy streets.

This is no way for expressing machoism. If at all one wants to enjoy this kind of adventure; he can go out of the city, on long drives and really enjoy the same. In general, the citizens should not be bothered.

The RTO must consider what the law is related to such kind of rash driving so that these fast-drivers can be stopped from such thuggish adventurism. Another thing is that the people of this city must strongly express their feelings through every possible media; newspapers, blogs, talking to friends or small groups in their society. And for the people who are involved in this mad-driving fiasco; here are the opinions of some their fellow students from Nagpur. (As expressed ‘not in order’ by Deepika Gorde, Aditi Joshi, Ketki Lakhe, Deepali and Anuradha Jain)
o “The people who are driving like this as if roads are their fathers property; should be strictly and publicly punished”
o “I will never approve of such guys nor will I befriend any”
o “I pledge never to keep such company in my friend-circle what is toying with the lives of people”
o “The people should not walk in the same direction as that of vehicles”
o “A camera should be installed at every signal or if possible satellite mapping should be done; and may the guilty be openly embarrassed and punished”
o “Number of Signal should be increased and controlled properly especially, near schools or vulnerable areas”