The Temporary-Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) – An Operations Research Software

TORA is an algorithm i.e. a mathematical set of instructions or programs (mathematical-software). It is an optimization system in the area of operations research which is very easy to use. Further, TORA is menu-driven and Windows-based which makes it very user friendly.

Fig.1: Features of TORA

The software has in-built tutorial for the novice and it also produces animated graphical linear programming solution. The other features of the software include dynamic construction of ‘Critical Path Method’ charts and creation of search-trees to name some.

The software can be executed in automated or tutorial mode. The automated mode reports the final solution of the problem, usually in the standard format followed in commercial packages, while the tutorial mode keeps on giving step-wise information about the methodology and solution.

TORA also offers self-paced learning of all the computational algorithms in a manner that allows students to check their understanding of the material with immediate detailed feedback from the software. It enables the instructors to demonstrate ideas that otherwise are literally impossible to present.

Fig. 2: Modules & Tools used in TORA

The various Models in Operations Research which can be solved using the Temporary-Ordered Routing Algorithm include Linear Programming Graphical,  LPP: Transportation Models, Integer Programming, Queuing Models, CPM/PERT, Game Theory, Matrix Inversion, Simultaneous Linear Equations etc. The functionality tools in the ‘Temporary-Ordered Routing Algorithm’ feature a schema browser, SQL worksheet, PL/SQL editor & debugger, storage manager, rollback segment monitor, instance manager, and SQL output viewer.


  1. Chetan P.Wankhede says:

    This will help us..But we needed descriptive notes on —
    1. TQM Principles,
    2. Quality Improvement Techniques,
    3. TQM Tools,
    4. Concept of Six Sigma,
    5. Quality Circles.
    6. SPC.

    to the earliest….as our exams r rushing…

  2. @ Chetan,

    i ll try and post these … for the SPC part you will have to refer some book, for, it has lot of control charts in it with numerical treatment… i would suggest LC Jhamb’s (Everest Publ.) Quantitative Techniques for the same.

  3. nitin nagwani says:

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    waiting for ur feedback

  4. @ nitin,

    please contact dr. mukul burghate for the same. He would be in a better position to help you out.

  5. hi,
    can you please post/email me the download link for TORA?

    searching alot on internet gives me nothing but your website


  6. Prof.Saisree says:

    TORA is not a free package. May be you can just try from here.

  7. please provide me the solution to the following problem on probability A bank has a test designed to establish the credit rating of a loan application. If the persons, who default (D), 90% fail the test (F). Of the persons, who will repay the bank (ND), 5 % fail the test. Furthermore, it is given that 4% of the population is not worthy of credit (i.e. defaulters). Given that someone failed the test, what is the probability that he actually will default (When given the loan)?

  8. Dr.Venkatkrishnan says:

    Could you please send me the free download link for TORA? I have been trying to procure one but I could not succeed in my attempts. You are the one and the only person who could guide me in this endeavour. Please help me. Thanks a million.

  9. @ Dr. Venkatkrishnan

    As you can read through prof Saisree’s comment above… its not a free package. For the academic purpose,there is a students limited edition though; which you might get along-with few of text-books… one of them I know of is “Operations Research” by “TAHA”..

  10. Sahil says:

    could you suggest any other software with similar functionality or usage as tora?

    • @ Sahil

      mailed you few names, let me know if you need anything else.

      • Dear Sir:

        Will you be able to share with me the other possible softwares that can solve Operations Research problems?

        Also, can you suggest some Indian journals where I can publish papers in management without much time delay?

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  12. hi, is it possible to find the time taken for TORA to solve a LP problem using algebraic method? i need the computational time for solving a LP problem in TORA for my project.. pls help

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    If you need the link for the software mail me. Its is zipped so i can add as an attachment to your mail.

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    Thank you very much for all the mails. My best wishes for your research.

  15. hi..i’m not really understand in using TORA because i didn’t have any guideline to do it and nobody can teach me..can you please give me some tutorial how to use integer programming with TORA? i really need it..

  16. Shang Chungang says:

    Hi,I’m trying to learn the Operations Research , so could you give me a copy of this TORA software .I have tried to find some website to download it , butI just find one version that uses Spanish.My email is given and thank you in advance.

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  29. archna sinha says:

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  56. IS there any other way to print selected pages from TORA rather PRNT screen or WRITE to printer (which prints all pages at once)?

  57. Karthik Dhanasekaran says:

    Dear Friends,

    I understand that you would have been searching the TORA Software for a while and landed up here.

    I don’t want you to go empty handed. Go for it.

    Here is the Tips:

    1. unzip the tora file.

    2. go to your desktop. Right click your mouse->go to properties->goto settings tab-> adjust your screen resolution to 800*600 and click apply. Then start Tora again.

    Download Tora using the link below. I have dropped the software to my Google Docs.

    Good Luck with your studies / research.


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